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Entries for August, 2009

Difference between Rolex Date and Rolex Datejust

We always get this question from our customers since both watches look pretty much the same. The difference between the Rolex Datejust (Ref. 16200, 16000, 1600) and the Rolex Date (Ref. 15200, 15000, 1500) is that the Datejust case measures 36 mm while the Date measures 34 mm. In other words there is a 2 […]

Different Types of Watch Movements

AUTOMATIC WATCHES: They are called automatic because the wearer does not need to wind the watch to generate power, the watch winds itself automatically once a person put it on the wrist. The arm motion causes the rotor, a metal weight attached to a winding mechanism, to rotate back and forth in a circular motion […]

TW Steel CEO Collection

In 2009 TW Steel known for making oversized trendy watches, has introduced the new CEO collection. The CEO stands for Collection Extraordinary but it also and inspiration to the name Chief Executive Officer. The idea is to bring their existing collection and update it into an upgraded level of quality, luxury,and design while still providing […]