In 2009 TW Steel known for making oversized trendy watches, has introduced the new CEO collection. The CEO stands for Collection Extraordinary but it also and inspiration to the name Chief Executive Officer. The idea is to bring their existing collection and update it into an upgraded level of quality, luxury,and design while still providing it at an awesome value for the money. The first model to be upgraded to the highest level as CEO is the Canteen , and we expect the other models to be upgraded to CEO in the future.

The CEO Canteen style encompasses 28 timepieces beautifully executed. They include a more upscale look and design while still using the desired casing and crown that made the model so popular. There are a few characteristics that differentiate this new CEO Canteen:

  • New Designed faces

  • The leather bands are made from the finest Italian leather

  • More Resistant Thicker Mineral Crystal

  • Mix of Polish and Mat finish

  • The Chronograph movements carry an accuracy of 1/20th of a second

  • Availability of day/date on none chronograph movements

  • Rose Gold Plating and PVD (Black Plating)

  • Luxury leather box with a cloth for cleaning

TW Steel CEO Canteen CE1028

TW Steel CEO Canteen CE1028

TW Steel CEO Canteen CE1034

TW Steel CEO Canteen CE1034

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