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Entries for May, 2010

Rolex Day- Date (President)

The Rolex Day-Date is synonymous with success. When one thinks of a luxurious gold watch that portrays status, perhaps the first watch to come to mind is the Rolex Day-Date. The first Rolex Day-Date was first introduced in 1956, and as the name implies it’s characterized as the only Rolex model to display the day […]

GMT Watch

The Earth is divided in 12 time zones also known as meridians. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, which is used as the time zone 0 in the Universal time. In the watch business a GMT Watch implies that the watch displays a second time zone or a 24-hour indication. This is useful for people […]

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Double Tourbillon

Roger Dubuis is known for making watches of the highest quality. This Watch presented today on the Spotlight is not an exception. The Excalibur Double Tourbillon reference EX45 01 9 N1.67A uses Roger Dubuis in house movement, every single component is made at Roger Dubuis like all their movements. The movement is a manually wound, […]