TW Steel has just introduced another line to the new CEO Collection,  The “Tonneau”. In the watch world a Tonneau means the  wristwatch has a  barrel-shaped showcase and two convex sides, hence the name.  It resembles pretty much Richard Mille’s Tonneau design with its 8 hexagonal shaped screws on the case, as well as the crown that looks identical. However it does have its TW  signature with its bigger size  ,the  “futuristic “  lines of the side of the case, and nice color contrast that TW chose to use on the watches. The CEO line is really a good option for those who want to wear a watch that looks like a 6 digit figure watch but really costs under $1,000.  They come in five different flavors, below are the models with their respective Retail Prices:

  • CE2001 Black face and Black Leather band $895
  • CE2002 Black Face PVD Case with Rose Gold Tones and Black Leather Band $895
  • CE2003 White Face Pink Gold Tone with Brown Leather Band  $895
  • CE2004 Black Face with Gold Tone and Black Leather Band $895
  • CE2005 Black Face with Stainless Steel Bracelet $995

TW Steel CEO Tonneau on the left and Richard Mille Felipe Massa on the right

TW Steel CEO Tonneau CE2001

TW Steel CEO Tonneau CE2002

TW Steel CEO Tonneau CE2003

TW Steel CEO Tonneau CE2004

TW Steel CEO Tonneau CE2005