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Entries for March, 2010

Power Reserve Display

All mechanical watches, automatic or manual wind have a power reserve. Power reserve is the charge the watch has before it needs to be wound again. In the case of automatic watches they automatically charge themselves when the wearer is moving. However when the watch does not move or when the watch is manual the […]

TW Steel CEO Tonneau

TW Steel has just introduced another line to the new CEO Collection,  The “Tonneau”. In the watch world a Tonneau means the  wristwatch has a  barrel-shaped showcase and two convex sides, hence the name.  It resembles pretty much Richard Mille’s Tonneau design with its 8 hexagonal shaped screws on the case, as well as the […]


The crown is simply the knob usually located at the right hand side of the case at three o’clock. It can also be located at the other side or any other position depending on model and manufacturer, as well have more than one crown. The crown is used to wind the watches as well as […]

Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique Roulette

Azimuth is well known for making unusual timepieces. It is with pleasure that we present to you the SP-1 Mecanique Roulette. This watch was introduced in 2009 at the inauguration of Asia’s greatest casino in Singapore. This beatiful timepiece is not only a wristwatch but a roulette game. It is really an asset for casino, […]