titanic-watchTitanic Watches? Yes, that’s right! These watches are made from real pieces of the sunk Titanic. The visionary Romain Jerome’s chief executive Yvan Arpa has gone 12,590 feet deep into the ocean to make these masterpieces unique. Looking around for a one of a kind idea to put his brand apart from others, Arpa chose twenty-three different themes, but fell in love with the Titanic idea from the start.

Since now it is forbidden to take pieces from the most famous ship in the world, he found someone who had a piece and bought it. The piece was taken to be checked for authenticity and then the production of the watches started. He begun implementing parts of the Titanic onto his watch models making each watch a unique piece of art. Among all the models it’s one of the most unusual watch in the world. This watch does not tell time, it shows time in a whole different way. Because time is considered to be the most valuable asset, Yvan introduced the new idea of depicting only day or night. In that way time can be divided between work and leisure. With that in mind he created one of his notable models, the “Day & Night”. The watch is a limited edition of nine pieces, and has a price tag of $300,000.