The Rolex model Yacht-Master is one of the most well-known sport watches in the world. Not so long ago Rolex introduced their new adaptation of the Rolex Yacht-Master. Even though both watches are similar in some way , there are certain characteristics that differentiate them. The material available, some features, and gender have changed to make the Yacht-master II one of a kind.

The Yacht-Master is available in Stainless Steel, Two Tone, and Yellow Gold ; the newer model comes only in White Gold or Yellow Gold. Both of the watches come with bezels in Platinum and Yellow Gold bidirectional. Yet the Gold bezel on the Yacht-Master II comes with a ceramic insert instead of the gold insert that comes with the Yacht-Master.

The Yacht-Master II has all the features the older model has plus a few additional features. One of the great features is the Easylink patented system created by Rolex. It facilitates to extend the size of the bracelet of up to 5mm with great comfort. The most exceptional of the features is the programmable 10 minute countdown timer that is intended for Regattas. . Also with the new technology called Triplock system there is no need to worry about water leaking inside the watch . It completely seals the watch creating a new layer of protection. The Triplock is displayed on the crown by three dots below the Rolex symbol on the crown. The Yacht-Master II comes with the Blue Parachrom Hairspring, which is an oscillator hairspring made of ferromagnetic alloys and makes this watch more resistant to impacts and magnetic fields.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is available only for Men’s at a size of 44 mm while the Yacht- Master is available at Men’s , Midsize, and Ladies at sizes of 40 mm , 35mm, and 29mm respectively . This increase in size is due to the new trend of bigger watches, making the latest Yacht-Master II a heavier watch.

Both models are for sure stunning timepieces, and both are presently being fabricated by Rolex. It is a hard choice between the classic look and more conservative size, or the oversized and more updated model. There is another decisive factor that may contribute to the decision since the Yacht-Master II is higher priced than the Yacht-Master. For instance the Yellow Gold Men’s Yacht-Master Approximate Retail value is $25,000 while the Yacht-Master II Men’s 18k is priced at $33,650 .