All mechanical watches, automatic or manual wind have a power reserve. Power reserve is the charge the watch has before it needs to be wound again. In the case of automatic watches they automatically charge themselves when the wearer is moving. However when the watch does not move or when the watch is manual the power reserve takes place to ensure the watch will keep the accurate time. Usually modern automatic watches have between 36 and 42 hours of reserve energy. The question is how would you know how much power the watch has left before it has to be wound again? The Power Reserve Display function informs the wearer how much power he has left. This is very useful especially for manually wound watches. Usually a color graph bar is located on the dial (face) of the watch, however there are other types of displays that may show how much charge it has with words.

Glycine Incursore watch with Graph Bar Power Reserve

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Reserve de Marche with Numerical Power Reserve

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