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We all know that Sapphire Crystal is harder than Glass, however it does have a higher index of refraction which makes it more light reflective. This of course hinders reading the time. For that reason watch manufactures apply anti-reflaction coatings that get rid of the problem. More than one transparent thin layers create a destructive […]

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Phase de Lune

Maurice lacroix is a relative new company considering they started in 1990, yet they managed to be on top of the league in no time. Their watch designs and quality have been recognized in the industry with unique timepieces such as the Memoire 1 concept watch introduced in 2008. However we are not here today […]

Perpetual Calendar

The Calendar disc of the watch displays the date and in some cases the weekday, month, and year. However, the regular calendar watches do not take into account different lengths of the months making the user need to reset the date 5 times a year when the month does not end on the 31st . […]